Dr Jeannette is a phenomenal diagnostician and even more so when it comes to complicated sets of symptoms that have resisted categorization by other practitioners.  

She designs a healing strategy that will not overwhelm your system and that will uncover, layer by layer, the things that conflict with optimum health, until she arrives at your source issue(s).  I’m already feeling better than I have in decades.  Yes, the cost of the supplements can add up for awhile, but at least they work and you’re actually healing, not just managing symptoms for the rest of your life.

 I cannot express how grateful I am that an option like this exists for us, that Dr. Jeannette’s passion for her work has made her the gifted professional that she is.

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Even though I live in another state, the times that I have been there and that she has worked on me she has pinpointed the root causes of my problems.

I work in the health industry. After a few years of interacting with Dr. Birnbach, my experience leads me to conclude that she is one of the most highly qualified clinicians for natural approaches in the country.

Likely she is too modest to mention it, but she travels around the country instructing other doctors.

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I will be really blunt. First Dr. Birnbach is amazing, she is fabulous at what she does and really helped me turn my health around. I went from barely able to go for a walk, to training for a 5K. 

The bad is, that the vitamins that she has you take are very expensive, but the good news is you will have more energy than you have had in years. 

It will take a commitment in time, effort and some money to go with her plan and she will want you to come back every few months, just to “check in”, which seems like a lot of work, but it does keep you focused on your health and all of that.

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You won’t find a better muscle tester then Jeannette. She is really good at what she does. She cares about her patients and has amazing blue eyes. Happy Place.

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I have been receiving valuable nutritional and healing advice for over 5 years from Dr. Birnbach. She is a leader in her field, and has provided valuable information and insights concerning health and healing that I have put to good use for others as well as for me.

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Dr. Birnbach skills and diagnostic abilities are amazing.  I’ve felt better than I have in ages.  In fact, she is the main reason I’m hesitant to leave the Pacific Northwest.

Her method can help you determine root causes of illness or dysfunction and the amount of which natural herbs to use by listening to your body.  I encourage anyone struggling with health issues to seek her out.  Yes it is expensive (cash required, no insurance accepted) but your health is worth every penny.  Last time I check, prescriptions weren’t cheap and only mask the symptoms while we keep introducing illness causing substances to our bodies.

Seek the truth about what your body wants/doesn’t want and learn how to test yourself!  Amazing Dr. and great support staff!  I have recommended this office to many friends and family!

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Dr. Jeannette is an expert in her field. I learn a lot every time I go!

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