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Weight Loss

We’ll get right to the point, because if you’ve been struggling to lose weight or regain your health, that’s exactly where you want to go. Nearly all of the people who arrive in our clinic with extra weight or poor health have followed one or more “One-Size-Fits-All” programs and it’s been our clinical experience that these have very limited success.

One of the best kept secrets in Clinical Nutrition is this: a diet or nutrient program that works for one person may do nothing for a second and make a third person even worse. In others words, three people on exactly the same program can have three very different outcomes.

Biological Diversity Means There Is No Perfect Diet

The most important person to trust with regard to your health is yourself, and your most important tools are your own eyes. If we start with what we can observe, we see that all people look different on the outside, and for the same genetic reasons, we have biological diversity on the inside too. We all have a different metabolism – the way that we process foods and utilize nutrients. Nutritional needs occur along a broad continuum ranging from the people who do well on high protein and fat diets to the people who need higher carbohydrate and lower fat diets. You may be at one end or the other, or anywhere in between but knowing makes all the difference in the world.

Declining Health and Weight Gain Are Not Normal Aspects of Aging

Just 70 years ago Clinical Nutrition pioneers were able to study pockets of people all over the world who remained untouched by the Western diet. These cultures followed the wisdom of their ancestors with regard to what they ate and enjoyed a life without modern diseases – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis and so on. When these same people are exposed to the processed and chemicalized foods of modern civilization, their health rapidly declines and they develop the same diseases that plague industrialized societies.

Because we now know that good health and longevity are directly dependent on nutrition and prevention-oriented health practices, Americans are purchasing gym memberships, diet books, supplements and food products at incredible rates. But we haven’t managed to leave our weight problems behind or put a dent in any of the chronic illnesses.

With the right health program you can

• Prevent and reverse degenerative disease
• Strengthen your immune system
• Achieve and maintain your ideal weight
• Optimize physical energy and mental clarity
• Overcome mood swings and depression
• Enhance athletic performance and endurance

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Our weight loss programs are a synthesis of nutrition-based physical examinations, the research of metabolic typing, hormone balance restoration, the wisdom of ancestral diets, and a diet program created for your body type. Pioneers in these fields have all contributed pieces of the puzzle to our user-friendly and highly successful program. We’ve taken the guesswork and frustration out of continually trying to find the magic bullet and created a system that works, for you.

In 1914, Dr. Daniel David Palmer noted that “When Educated and Innate Intelligences are able to converse with each other … (a possibility which a not very distant future may disclose) we shall be able to make a correct diagnosis.”

In the statement above, Dr. Palmer referred to two kinds of intelligence available to determine the health status and guide the healing of a person — the “Educated” intelligence and the “Innate” intelligence. The Educated intelligence is what we acquire in school and through life experience. The Innate intelligence we are all born with.