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Clinical Nutrition

Autonomic Response Testing is a very precise and scientific analysis of the body’s reflexes to help determine the exact nutrients you need to supplement your diet in order to bring about balance and better health. In Autonomic Response Testing (ART), we look for active reflex points, which indicate stresses on body organs or systems that make it difficult for those parts to do their jobs. ART uses muscle testing through biofeedback and the autonomic nervous system to determine disturbances and potential remedies. This assessment tool records generalized and localized autonomic nervous system disturbance and can be helpful in determining the root causes of poor health. Active reflex points do not and are not meant to indicate a disease process or diagnosable condition, and they can appear in the absence of any sign of disease.

There are two key parts: the analysis and the creation of a personalized health program. Default medical treatments and drug prescription for illness and disease usually do not take into account all the options you have. This narrow-minded, blanketed approach to medicine unfortunately neglects alternative therapies which quite often empower the body to act as its own self-healing mechanism.

In our clinic, we use “designed clinical nutrition” to discover and correct the cause of health problems so the body can regain the ability to correct itself. ART testing helps determine areas of stress and also to prioritize the healing process. Years of clinical experience in thousands of cases have shown us that if the priority is not handled, healing of all health issues is slowed or prevented. Please know that we are considering ALL of your health complaints as we design your program, and that our goal is to help you feel better overall. But we must also work with the natural laws of healing to achieve the ultimate goal: optimal health for your whole life.